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3 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas 2023

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Kitchens are not only essential and practical spaces in your home, but they also have the potential to be unique and inviting spaces. If you need a little inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovation, then look no further because this article explores three kitchen renovation design ideas for 2023 you could consider exploring

Upsizing kitchen islands 

Islands are useful features for kitchens that can act as a centrepiece for guests or family members to gather around for drinks, to prepare food, or even to dine on. With this in mind, the larger your kitchen island, the more versatile it will be for different occasions and uses. Not only are islands practical, but they can come in many different styles, colours and shapes which can add character and excitement to your kitchen space. 

Freestanding furniture

Fitted kitchens will always be a classic design which homeowners return to, however, freestanding pieces are now on trend. This could include baker tables which are heavy-duty worktables on legs which are able to withstand the heavy weight of food preparation and dining. Freestanding pieces still are able to provide useful kitchen features like deep drawers and a place to perch but with the added benefit of feeling more like a furniture piece than a fitted piece. 

Eco-friendly pieces

Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a new way of thinking for homeowners who are looking at eco-friendly ways of renovating their kitchens. By choosing sustainably sourced materials you can renovate your kitchen in an eco-friendly manner. This might involve investing in longer-lasting features, energy-efficient appliances or using recycled materials to build your renovation. 

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