Bathroom Renovation Blunders: What Not to Do for a Successful Remodel

Renovating a bathroom, or any room for that matter, is a tricky task that requires a great deal of thought and care. Unfortunately, that care is not always readily apparent when it comes to some particular bathroom renovation mishaps. Here are just some of the ways that demonstrate what not to do in a bathroom remodel.

Expect Delays

First and foremost, you have to be prepared for severe disruption to your routine – be prepared to ask your neighbours or a relative if you can borrow their shower for as long as is required. In any case, you should have a backup plan in place before work begins, especially if you’re a particularly routine driven person.

Furthermore, there may be complications in the renovation process, so ensure you account for these in your plans. Unexpected issues can cause problems at any point, and that’s something you need to be prepared for.

Storage Space

Your dream bathroom is complete, and it looks awesome. But what about storage? Where are you going to put everything? As a result, it looks cluttered and overcrowded – a balance needs to be met when it comes to where you put everything.

What good is a pristine bathroom space if everything is essentially scattered around all over the place? It’s a problem you can easily avoid with the right planning in place.

Avoid Timber

Though a wooden floor can look wonderful, and can suit a bathroom rather well, you’re asking for trouble in a room designed for water use. Mould and mildew will eventually cause huge issues – opt for something waterproof like porcelain tiles, which are also a lot easier to maintain over a longer period of time. A bathroom is for life after all.

Ultimately, the importance of liaising with experts throughout the process cannot be understated. There are experienced heads who’ve seen these issues arise on numerous occasions, and they can help you along the way.

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