Choosing the Right Fixtures and Finishes for Your Bathroom


Though we are experts at undertaking bathroom renovations in Tauranga, we also know that many residents of this New Zealand coastal city may have done little to change the appearance or functionality of their bathroom since moving into the property.

Are you ready to give your bathroom an overhaul? Here are tips on selecting the likes of faucets, sinks, showers, tiles and countertops for it.

Decide on a Budget

Given how many fixtures and finishes there are to choose from for a bathroom, it makes sense for you to outline your budget early so that you can see which options would be out of your financial reach anyway.

To optimise your spending, think strategically about which slices of the financial pie ought to go where. For example, since sinks and cabinets can be tricky to repair or replace, you might want to spend more on them in the first place if, in doing so, you can get products that have been genuinely built to last.

What Kind of Aesthetic are You Going For?

Once you know, you will be able to select additions in line with that brief. You might understandably favour a traditional style if your home is a period property. Conversely, in a new build, modern decor — perhaps fostering a spa vibe — can work much better.

Prioritise Durability 

This would be of no small importance given the obvious heavy usage of water in a bathroom. So, you could look up the corrosion resistance of any faucets or shower heads you consider. It would bode particularly well for them to comprise bronze, nickel or stainless steel.

Look for Eco-Friendly Options

This wouldn’t just be in the interest of the environment. Though faucets, toilets and shower heads are all available in ‘low-flow’ water-conserving models, getting them installed in your bathroom can also unlock financial savings for you to enjoy on your utility bills over the long term.

Factor in the Bathroom’s Proportions

While some fixtures on the larger side can come across as comically chunky in a small bathroom, undersized fixtures in an expansive bathroom can be reminiscent of pieces from a doll’s house.

Still, the situation isn’t always as simple as this. Consider the example of a shower — which, when paired with a large glass divider, can actually make a compact bathroom feel more spacious.

We have the specialist skills necessary to complete a vast range of bathroom renovations in Tauranga. So, no matter what kind of style or atmosphere you are eager to achieve with your own bathroom in this Bay of Plenty city, we can help. Just call 027 656 0026 to enquire with us.



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