Designing Your Dream Kitchen: Tips for Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Dream Kitchen

What do you do in your kitchen? The answer is bound to touch on many different activities — from preparing food and drink to conversing with family members. However, there would remain many benefits of us transforming this part of a home by completing a kitchen renovation in Tauranga.

If you live in this coastal Bay of Plenty city, your kitchen might look outdated or fail to meet modern practicality needs. Now for some good news: in partnership with you, we would be able to assist you in planning a renovation project for that kitchen. Here are detailed summaries of worthwhile steps to take…

Select the Right Layout  

The ‘right’ layout very much depends on what you and your household will primarily do in that kitchen. It could help if you first draw up a floor plan for your kitchen as it currently stands.

You could then have a think about whether you fancy embarking on such structural changes as getting a wall removed or a kitchen island put in place. The resulting layout design can form a ‘skeleton’ for essential ‘organs’ — like cabinets and appliances — of the kitchen to sit within.

Decide What Style You Want  

Would you like the kitchen to look modern or instead traditional? Alternatively, you might be drawn to a mix of the two, as could be achieved with a transitional or eclectic approach.

Whatever style you do opt for, it can serve as the overall aesthetic theme to which your kitchen fixtures generally hew. For example, neutral, timeless colours would fit in with a ‘classic’ design, while contemporary décor is often imbued with clean minimalism.

Budget Carefully 

In practice, what you actually choose to incorporate into the new design for your kitchen could be limited by your budget. 

In New Zealand, the cost of a kitchen remodel can be anywhere from about $15,000 to $220,000, depending on multiple factors — including the scale of the project and whether appliances will be moved or instead simply upgraded.

When budgeting for a kitchen renovation, it is a good rule of thumb to first factor in the highest-priority items, such as cabinets and countertops, before seeing how much money will be left over for the likes of flooring and lighting.

Don’t fret if you lack any expertise or experience in DIY work, as we would be happy to handle the heavy-duty work of completing a kitchen renovation in Tauranga for you. To enquire with Straight Up Builders, please ring 027 656 0026 or email



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