Extending Your Home: Adding Space and Value

Home Extend

Extending a home can be more cost-effective than buying a larger property, considering the other expenses that come with moving home. Our experience with residential extensions in Tauranga gives us some vital insights to share.

If you live in this coastal city, here are various benefits of arranging an extension to your Bay of Plenty property. 

You Can Create More Living Space 

As many would agree, Tauranga is an attractive place to live. Why would you want to uproot yourself from it just because your home in the area lacks free space — especially when an extension could address that problem? An extension is a practical solution for the evolution of your property and growing family. 

There Are Many Options for a Home Extension

When a homeowner does opt for an extension, it’s to make the kitchen roomier or add a new bedroom or bathroom. However, there are other possibilities you could also consider.

Do you live in a terraced house with an under-utilised side area? You might be able to expand the building into that. Does your property have a basement? Perhaps that could be extended. If all else fails, you could look into extending upward: extending the loft.

Residential Space Can Be Used More Efficiently 

You can help yourself to make the most of space that has long gone neglected. For example, if you have a garden but rarely use it, why not let your extension utilise that?

An Extension Can Enhance Your Property’s Value 

The added square footage often leads to an increase in the overall market value of the property and is more likely to attract potential buyers pushing up the property’s eventual selling price.

If you have no intention of selling your home for the foreseeable future, an extension can still serve as an investment while enhancing your lifestyle for the shorter term.

Your Home Can Look Nicer, Too

When we are tasked with designing and constructing your home extension, we commit to ensuring its seamless integration with the rest of the property, maintaining both unity and an elevated aesthetic.

The extension’s design will ultimately be yours, not ours. Whatever ideas you want to share with us at the design stage, we’re here to listen and incorporate your input. To learn more about our expertise in putting together home extensions in Tauranga, please phone us on 027 656 0026.



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