Maximising Small Spaces: Renovation Ideas for Compact Homes

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Free space can be hard to come by in both old and new homes in Tauranga. If you are one of the many people to have set up a home in this coastal city over the last few years, you might have had to settle with a residential property smaller than what you originally wanted.

The good news is that freeing up space could require just a few clever design and renovation strategies. Here are examples for you to consider utilising…

Affix Storage Units to Walls

If you are running out of floor space, you might want to start paying more attention to your walls. As well as displaying artwork and photographs, you could arrange for shelves and cabinets to be mounted up.

Look for Furniture Items That Can Do Double Duty

When space in your home is at a premium, you should be selective about what furniture you choose. Why not consider sofa beds or storage-containing ottomans?

Allow Space Around Furniture 

In a small room, it might make sense to push furniture against the walls. However, you could be surprised by how much bigger the room looks when you instead leave space around furniture pieces. It’s a trick that works by exposing more of the floor.

Paint Interiors in Light Colours

Certain colours can allow natural and artificial light to bounce more easily around the room making it appear larger.

Don’t go overboard with white, though, as too much of it in a room can look overly clinical. You could mix the white with touches of a mid-tone colour to inject some character into the design.

Add Some Shutters or Floor-to-Ceiling Windows 

Curtains are traditional coverings of choice for windows, but also take up wall space — unlike shutters. Meanwhile, floor-to-ceiling windows not only let natural light pour into the room but also direct eyes towards the ceiling. Either way, these windows can create the illusion of a taller room.

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