Renovating for Resale: Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

It’s a common question: how much market value can you add to a home by renovating it? The answer can depend on a multitude of factors, including the property’s location. For example, you could potentially unlock a lot of value by undertaking renovations in Tauranga.

Not that you would have to do that heavy-duty work yourself necessarily. You could hand it over to our team, as we know how to complete all of the following home improvements to value-boosting standards.

Bathroom Renovation

This doesn’t have to be too ambitious. You could just install a new set of tiles or replace the bath with a freestanding tub. 

Nonetheless, you may want to opt for something more extensive if your bathroom has obvious problems. For example, a  cramped bathroom could probably do with the addition of a walk-in shower if it doesn’t have one already.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is another space where it can really pay to start small. Why not replace the kitchen sink’s taps or repaint the cabinets? Even simply putting a few new pieces — like drawers and countertops — into the kitchen can make a surprisingly big difference to its overall look.

Other renovation ideas can be more demanding but add a significant amount to the ROI (return on investment). Here’s an idea: check if the kitchen is adjacent to a similar, complementary room, like a dining room. Could the wall separating them be knocked down to make for an open-plan space?

Energy Efficiency Improvements 

The cost-of-living crisis has sent many people scrambling to find new ways to cut down on their energy consumption. So, when potential buyers of your property view it, they could be impressed by the sight of modern technology that would help them streamline their day-to-day energy costs.

Perhaps many of the appliances in your home were purchased several years ago and have since been surpassed by newer models on the market that are more energy-efficient

Similarly, maybe the property is lacking in thermal performance due to outdated, single-pane windows that could now be upgraded to double or triple glazing.

You might need to call a professional for assistance in carrying out more sophisticated renovations in Tauranga. Just phone us on 027 656 0026 to learn more.



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