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If you are on the hunt for a reliable renovation company in Tauranga then look no further than Straight up builders. Straight up builders can provide superior home renovations in Tauranga for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and more. 

Our qualified builders can be trusted to complete a high-quality job with their vast experience of renovations in Tauranga.

Kitchen Renovations

Envisioning your kitchen the way you’ve always dreamt it? Straight up builders supply high-grade kitchen renovation services in Tauranga. From adding a kitchen island to replacing countertops or cabinets, Straight up builders can guide you through any kitchen renovation project, big or small. 



Bedroom Renovations

Contemplating re-designing your sleeping space? We can support you in revamping your space to how you fancy it. From incorporating further wardrobe spaces to adding more unique and useful storage space, we assist you in creating the bedroom renovation of your dreams. After all your sleeping space is arguably the most important room you will be spending your time in, and therefore it is worth the investment.

Bathroom Renovations 

Dreaming of transforming your bathroom into the bathroom you’ve always desired? Straight up builders deliver exceptional bathroom renovations in Tauranga. From restoring showerheads to fixing up a creaky floor, Straight up builders can support you through all of your renovation desires, big or small.

Conservatory Renovations

Visualising a brand-new conservatory of your yearnings? We can guide you through the renovation project to produce the conservatory of your vision. From insulating the conservatory walls to upgrading the type of glass, or even making your conservatory more open-plan, we can guide you through any renovation project you have in mind. 

No matter what renovation project you have in mind, Straight up builders can provide you with a sleek and professional service to bring your ideas to life in an efficient and affordable manner. 



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