Small Bathroom? Try One Of These 4 Renovation Ideas

When upgrading a small bathroom, it can be difficult to find the right small bathroom design that suits your small space perfectly. If you are looking for creative small bathroom design ideas, then you have come to the right place.

At Straight Up Builders, we specialise in helping homeowners and business owners revitalise the look and feel of their properties. This includes expert bathroom remodels, even for small bathrooms. 

Here are 4 bathroom designs for small spaces to spark some inspiration: 

1. Smart Storage 

Small bathrooms have a key drawback: lack of storage space. As a result, it’s important that your new bathroom design maximises storage space wherever possible. This might mean incorporating nook shelving and other smart storage solutions to ensure that there’s ample storage.  

2. Utilise Vertical Space 

Despite the bathroom being small, there is a lot of vertical (wall) space that sometimes gets overlooked. If you’re looking to make the most out of your small bathroom, don’t forget to also use the vertical space available. While you don’t want to crowd your walls with clutter, you don’t want to forget about them either.  

3. More Floor Space  

If you want to make your bathroom appear larger, consider freeing up the floor space. For instance, you can use wall-mounted storage and sinks that will keep the floor space empty. For a clean look, avoid using this extra space for clutter and random items! 

4. Make a Statement 

When it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom, a statement piece is essential for distracting the eye and creating a focal point. This can help make the room look and feel bigger than it is. For example, why not have a large vanity mirror? Or include a boldly-coloured bathtub? These are great ways to make a statement in a small bathroom. 

With the small bathroom design ideas above, what are you waiting for? Straight Up Builders can help you transform your small bathroom with our excellent renovation solutions. Revamp your home with Straight Up Builders, renovation experts who can assist with everything from the design and budget, to the materials and construction. 

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